First Thing First - Brave Lotus

First things first.  One of the things people ask me when they hear the name of the brand is "why Brave Lotus?"...People love the name, but it inspires questions as to why and where it came from. 

I had been pondering names for my brand, which at that point was just a dream and idea. I always knew that I would use 'Lotus' in the name, it is such a beautiful flower and I am naturally drawn to its symbolism.  We use the Buddhist quote on our homepage.  

'The lotus flower, blooms, most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.'

"But what does this mean?" 

Well, the lotus grows in muddy waters - it grows and pushes it way through all the mud and silt to flower into one of the most beautiful flowers in all the world.  So, the symbolism is - no matter where you are, what circumstances you find yourself in, how you feel, you to can grow and push your way through all that stuff and 'bloom' - or as I like to say -  feel good.  

So 'lotus' was fixed, it has such meaning and represents our brand values...but the 'brave' came later.

I had been back and forth with ideas but nothing felt right.  Then one day in, quite literally, a flash of inspiration I had it - Brave Lotus. Lots of new things were happening and I was pushing my comfort zone everyday, to do anything new....we all need to 'be brave'.  

Our brand name represents our vibes and feelings.  I constantly remind myself to be brave, and we want to encourage others to do the same.

Be Brave. Be Yourself.  

Gemma xx