BE BRAVE. My dream is for you to feel brave. To feel even just a little braver in something you do today.

Breathe deep and be brave. Yup. That's it... Say it over and over in your head, and believe me, it will happen. Trust in yourself that it is within your power to feel even a tiny bit braver in something you are doing today – doesn't have to be big, I am not talking sky diving! 

When you feel it, it feels good.

BE YOURSELF. Now, while you're having all these good thoughts of "Oh yeah, I feel a bit braver today," chuck in a pinch of 'being your true self'. Yeah I know – what is this?! Well try this for starters: worry less about your outfit choice. Just pick the thing that you feel good in. Adorn yourself in whatever it is that makes you feel ready to face the world. If you follow trends, cool – if you don't, cool. Go into the world feeling good in your skin and happy in the knowledge that whoever it is that you are today, you have a tribe that has your back. 

"high five tribe sister!"