"Brave Lotus is a lifestyle and a mentality, it's a journey that's evolving,     I find it really hard to define, I don't really want to - I just want you to feel it and feel good" Gemma, founder.

At the heart of Brave Lotus is a powerful ideology, which ripples its way through every part of the brand. Wear what makes you feel good, adorn yourself in jewellery that makes you feel happy. “Be brave in your choices for yourself, no matter how simple or ornate."

In the pursuit of happiness, Gemma had a simple concept; create something that feels good, that speaks of positivity and that can empower others to embrace life’s simple pleasures.   

This positivity is translated in the brands strong bohemian aesthetic, which plays with talismanic charms, spiritual references, natural materials and intricate details, drawn from a passion for travel to the Far East. 

Connecting East and West plays a big part of the Brave Lotus signature style, combining whimsical details like feathers and iridescent stones with edgier oxidised metals, a combination that Gemma describes as "boho for the urban dweller".

A trained jeweller and self confessed “adornment obsessive”, Gemma embodies the brands free-spirited style, playing with materials and form as well as mixing cultural references, drawn from her own mixed heritage and spiritual beliefs.   

"Jewellery is an intrinsically personal thing, our collection is designed to be worn and styled in your own way, mixed with a treasured heirloom or a playful memento from a holiday, its Brave Lotus your way. “ - Gemma.  

Honest and passionate, Brave Lotus is a brand of self expression, a way to escape the daily grind, look beyond the mundane - they invite you to join the journey and Be Brave, Be Yourself.

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